7 Best Spotify Alternatives for Android & iOS (FREE)

Are you looking for the best Spotify alternatives? Today, I am going to share these 7 best music streaming apps like Spotify for Android, iOS & Web. Suppose you are bored using Spotify and want a little bit of twist and use other advanced features.

Spotify Alternatives

You can try out some of these Spotify alternatives as well. Unlike the earlier times, we do not need to download mp3 files of each song that we like.

Fortunately, most people have access to fast internet connections these days. Thus, it is quite easy to stream music and enjoy ourselves. I have also shared these 5 ways to use Tinder without Facebook.

7 Best Spotify Alternatives for Android & iOS

Well, one of the best music streaming applications that most people like is Spotify. But, as there is a wide range of music streaming apps available that offer you similar features.

We can at least give it a try and use them as well. Hence, this article will be all about the best Spotify alternative apps to download on your devices and enjoy music streaming with a completely different experience.  

1. Apple Music

If you have good taste in music and wanna find apps like Spotify, Apple Music can also be a decent option. You can already judge the performance of this app by just looking at the brand associated with it.

There will be no issues running or downloading Apple Music on your Android devices, Macs, iOS, and even on Windows PCs. With a wide range of music available, it holds almost 40 million licensed tracks that you can enjoy.

Best Spotify Alternatives

However, to enjoy the great Music Streaming experience from Apple Music, you will need to get a subscription that costs around $9.99/month. However, there is a 3 monthly free trial available as well so that you can make your mind actually to get the subscription or not. 

Apart from that, the app offers a pretty decent UI and allows you to upload your own music library without any restrictions. Offline Listening on the app is only available for subscribers. On the other hand, online streaming is absolutely free. 

2. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is one of the best Spotify alternatives. Yes, the prime music app has much more than you could ever think. Many other music streaming apps lack tracks from a bunch of popular artists.

Spotify alternatives

However, that’s not the case with the Amazon Prime Music app. Moreover, the app is available to download on all platforms, including Fire Tablets, Echo, and Amazon FireTV. You can use this on your smart TV and enjoy your favorite music.

Apart from that, the music library is so vast that you can listen to the top songs from around 11 countries using this all-in-one app. Try the 30 days free trial of the Amazon Music app to know it better. However, to use this app to the fullest, it requires you to have Amazon’s Prime membership account.

That’s not very costly, so investing in a prime account is definitely a good choice as not only will it help you to use the music streaming service, but there are much more benefits other than this. 

3. Deezer

Deezer is a great French-based music application that provides you with a much wider range of music tracks. Although this app also needs a subscription that costs the same as other applications. However, you still get a 30-day free trial to test this out for yourself. 

apps like Spotify

It offers a great collection of music from more than 180 countries. Not just that, you can have fun listening to your favorite radio channels as it receives 30,000 radio channels. Well, online streaming is absolutely free, but that limits you to that only. 

Whereas the paid subscribers can do much more with this application. Deezer supports all kinds of platforms, including TV, computers, game console, car, and home audio systems. It seems to be one of the best alternatives to Spotify when it comes to compatibility. 

4. Pandora

Suppose you are fond of listening to radio channels more than just streaming music online. Pandora is the best place to be for this purpose. Clearly, Spotify does not provide you with enough features to access radio channels, but Pandora does.

Spotify alternatives

And that’s what makes it one of the best alternatives to Spotify radio-centric people. However, until and unless you live in Australia, the United States, and New Zealand, there will be no issues for you. Because it only gets coverage from these three countries.

Still, other users can enjoy music from its huge music library that has almost 2 million tracks. Like other apps on this list, if you find apps like Spotify, there is a subscription plan with every app.

And, with Pandora, you can purchase a subscription plan for just $9.99 per month and have fun. If you don’t feel to put your money right in, you can try out the 60-days free trial first. 

5. Google Play Music

Who doesn’t know Google? Absolutely everyone does. Then excluding their very own music streaming app from the best Spotify alternatives list would be such an injustice to it. We have seen how much Google Play Music has improved over the last few years.

alternatives to Spotify

In earlier times, there was not much to say about this. These days, it has enough content and features over it, making it a great contender for the list. First of all, being Google’s app, Android users can experience the most user-friendly and materialistic design. 

Apart from that, you can use Google Play Music app on almost any device you have, so compatibility issues are not a problem here.

Not only can you load your offline track on the app and enjoy it, but you can also stream music freely. Although, if you want to enable the download functionality, it will require you to purchase a subscription of $9.99 first.

6. SoundCloud

SoundCloud works pretty differently from all the other music streaming applications. Because it is more focused on new artists, you can find plenty of song mixes over here rather than just listening to the originals. 

free Spotify alternatives

The best part about SoundCloud is it uses a pretty clean UI, and all the functions are super straightforward. Moreover, if you are a beginner artist, SoundCloud offers you the best platform to showcase your talent and gain an audience. 

Although, you can still use SoundCloud to listen to the original songs. But, that costs around $9.99 like any other apps like Spotify. So, if your taste is much more inclined towards EDMs and trance music, SoundCloud is the best app to download on your Android or iOS devices, computer, Xbox One, Chromecast, and Sonos.

7. Tidal

On this list of best Spotify alternatives, the last option that comes to our minds is Tidal. The thing that interests us more about this app is it is rap star Jaz-Z’s own app. Tidal offers you two different subscription plans.

Spotify alternative

The basic one that allows you to download music costs around $9.99. On the other hand, Tidal Hi-Fi comes for $14.99. Apart from that, Tidal feels super interesting to use as you can find all your favorite artist’s tracks.

Unlike most other apps that offer you high-quality 320Kbps songs. Tidal allows you to listen to CD quality, and uncompressed FLAC tracks are considered the best-in-class. However, all this is possible if you have a subscription.

Still, this can be considered the best alternative to Spotify and other apps because there is no other music application that allows you to stream FLAC quality music directly. 

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Wrapping Up

Well, this was our list of the best Spotify alternatives you can try out if you are bored using the same features and the same interface. Go ahead and try out any of these alternatives to Spotify and see if the new interface and features please you well or not.

You can find all the apps pretty easily on the app store or the play store, depending on the platform you use. Apart from that, most apps are also available on the Microsoft Store. So, you can rock your Windows PC as well. In case you have decided to move to a different app, do let us know in the comments section below. 

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