Zune, the ‘iPod-killer’, looking to become the iPhone-killer

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Microsoft is working on its own “iPod-cellphone”. The device will be nothing but Zune, the portable media player, that would become another smartphone and should be ready by the 2007 holiday season. “That gives Microsoft about nine months to get everything together, an entirely possible feat,” CrunchGear reports.

A rumor? A roadmap? A roadmap, definitively.

Microsoft keeps trying to control the cellphone market, and never hides its intention to tweak its audio portable device Zune into a cellphone. At the last CES, Peter Moore, Microsoft’s vice president for Xbox video game business, already confirmed the cellphone move and added the portable platform would first be able to play handheld games.

Us: The Zune user interface doesn’t provide any touch pad. We keep thinking the Vista speech recognition engine will land in the upcoming smartphone. It’s supposed to be over 95% accurate. People will dictate their emails, navigate on the web and for phone calls, they could make VoIP phone calls with the Windows Live Messenger.

Feb 2, 2007 | By Nuno

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