Times Warner agrees to be a “Fonero”

Image for the article Times Warner agrees to be a “Fonero”

For a first deal, it’s a huge deal. Fon, the Spanish wireless network, snagged its first big contract in North America with Times Warner Cable. Times Warner residential customers are now allowed to use the Fon WiFi router to share their wireless signal with their neighborhood. They can even monetize the access to their access point for $2 or $3 a day.

The deal would boost Fon’s router adoption among the 6.6 million Times Warner broadband customers, but it will also provide an alternative way for citizens or associations to blanket urban areas even if the municipality hasn’t planned to or is taking times to fulfill the work like in San Fransisco. Recently Fon’s CEO Martin Varsavsky unveiled a signal booster called la Fontenna that will supposedly expand the signal range up to 7 times.

Apr 23, 2007 | By Nuno

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