Spyke, the talkative WiFi robot

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Ubiquitous networks lead to pervasive Internet phones. PC World spotted a “WiFi spy robot” named Spyke, and showcased at the recently ended CES by Mecano, the big rival of Lego.

Playing with it is like goofing with an electric car at the broadband age. The Starwars-like droid can be controlled via its built-in WiFi connection. And while it’s roaming around the house, not only it acts as a spying eye with its webcam, play music, but also Spyke can also be used as a VoIP client supporting Skype, MSN and Google Talk.

With all those technologies available to kids, parents can anticipate some videos of them taking a shower on the Net.

Jan 31, 2007 | By Nuno

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