Skype, tome III

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It’s out. Skype 3.0 has recently been released for early adopters and beta testers.

Although Skypecast conference call function has become a prominent feature — in anticipation of some Skypecast widget available ‘soon’ –, this new milestone focused more on design user interface than new features. “We took the old toolbar and broke it apart, placing each of the tools where they really belong,” explained an in-house user interface designer.

So the toolbar has changed, scrambled to almost vanish for other supposedly more intuitive functions. Navigating through the call history to get your contacts instead of opening your big list of names, for example. Or live contact search by typing its first letters.

Other new features include Skypecasts and public chats, both moderated, to allow people to set some kind of public agoras. Skype 3.0 also adds clickable “mood” messages and wallpapers in the main window.

Nov 9, 2006 | By Nuno

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