Mobile VoIP Nimbuzz and IM KoolIM updated

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Two VoIP companies have updated their services recently.

Nimbuzz is now in public beta version. Nimbuzz started appearing on everyone’s radar since the last summer and commonly considered as enough innovative to significantly disrupt the mobile telecoms market. Using the cellphone application, callers could reach their IM friends on PC (Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk), as well as making phone to mobile users at a flat rate, and free text messaging to the same IM clients. This won’t make your phone bill disappear (remember to pay your 3G subscription), but it does tear down the costs of international phone calls.

You could try the new service, but also can check Talkster. Basically the same features, plus the great advantage to not require any download. The call rates are comparable.

The other update is for KoolIM, the online multi-messenger platform, which hits the version 2.0 without going through the first one. The company also closed a round of angel round of funding, adds Mashable, and a realignment of its functionalities onto its big rival Meebo. The new version includes an embedded IM client on the page itself, to avoid its chat client to be swapped out by anti popup blockers. The site asserts to average 40,000 unique users a day.

Jan 17, 2007 | By Nuno

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