Your ear, a better microphone at noisy places

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If you’re talking in a noisy environment, the best way to make yourself understood is to talk through your ear. It sounds weird, but it’s real. Nap Enterprise Co. will launch next month in Japan, an earbud microphone that enables cell phone conversations to be carried on in even very noisy settings such as concert halls and construction sites, reducing ambient noise by 30 decibels.

The device will pick up “the spoken voice not from the mouth, but from inside the ear. The person need not speak up to be heard, and a special sound-damping pad works to both block outside sounds from the microphone and let the user clearly hear the other end of the conversation through the speaker,” reports the Nikkei Net Interactive (via textually).

Some other devices reported earlier works like this one. Categorized under bone-conduction headsets, they should allow you to talk while scuba diving.

May 3, 2007 | By Nuno

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