Meebo version 1.0, officially launched

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Meebo skipped one class, the common ‘beta’ class, to jump on the version 1.0 release. Besides the redesigned user interface, this major release focused on its customization. Skins made their apparition, and as most people know, skins are a very powerful technique to foster users’ loyalty to a service.

Localization has also debuted. This might bring a lot of non-English users, European users of course, but mostly South-East Asian users, to the service. Some examples of new available languages: Simplified Chinese (the ‘traditional’ Chinese version still lacks 424 translations), French, German and even Esperanto.

For the record, Meebo is a free service that’s building a good presence in the blogosphere. Recently, it lands on NetVibes customizable homepages, and has dished up a MeeboMe widget for bloggers. As they’re allowing Yahoo and Windows Live users to access their accounts, we’re still expecting some voice over IP features to extend the toolbox. By that time, we guess it will target Google Talk, Skype or Gizmo Projects users.

Nov 6, 2006 | By Nuno

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