Just like the Net, phones get embedded everywhere

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Olga Kharif from BusinessWeek shared what could be the future of telecoms:

“We are at the very beginning of a call-enabled device explosion. Experts like Will Stofega, of consultancy IDC, believe that calling capabilities could, eventually, worm their way into all sorts of gadgets, such as TV remotes, radios and even alarm clocks. That would allow consumers to make calls to customer care just as they are puzzling over using a particular device’s interface, without stirring from where they are, or searching for their cell phone. We’ll also be able to order pizza by, perhaps, simply speaking to the armrest.” Or play and call with the Nintendo Wii remote.

In a convergence point of view, there’s nothing new. Microsoft plans to sit inside users’ refrigerator several years ago, allowing the device to order missing foods instead of the consumer. The only difference is that now, the Internet is ready to pervade. People may adopt those embedded phone functions more often, for example, to update their Twitter.

What do you think?

May 11, 2007 | By Nuno

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