Gizmo Project goes web-based

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It’s a bit late compared to Jajah, AIM and others, but Gizmo Project finally goes web-based. SIPphone will announce tomorrow the launch of Gizmo Call, an online service that will enable Internet calls from any browser.

“Users get 5 minutes of calling per day to just about any phone number and can double that if they register with an email address,” reports ZDNet. “If they want to make more calls, they can purchase Call Out minutes. Besides PSTN phones they can call for free Google Talk users, Windows Live users, Gizmo Project users and of course any SIP address/device” — which is the regular functions allowed by a SIP-based VoIP client.

The service needs a 900Ko (!) flash plugin to start. It’s pretty heavy, but smaller than the standalone IP calling software itself, about 10Mo to 18Mo depending on your platform.

Jan 29, 2007 | By Nuno

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