T-Mobile and 3, slightly advantaged by the European iPhone

Both companies are considered to match the iPhone customers' way of life.

Orgoo brings webmail and all IMs to live together

The all-in-one service of Y! and GMail+GTalk

Meebo launches Meebo Rooms

Not just regular chat rooms, but enhanced one with pictures, videos, tunes.

Just like the Net, phones get embedded everywhere

In the future, no more phones, because everything can do it. Isn't it great?...

Vonage close to a Verizon patent alternative

The solution would not cost that much to Vonage, said its CEO.

IPods getting a second screen and phone functionalities?

Flip your portable audio player to turn it into a cellphone.

Kevin Rose going for a three-peat?

Something to do with instant messaging.

Joost gets juiced for its official launch

Time for its peer-to-peer highness to show its bigness.

The future of Jajah is inside your computer

The VoIP service has now access to Intel's technical knowledge.

Joost: We have the license to invite

Drop a comment and we'll help watch TV on your computer.

Gaboogie conferences phone participants

Not revolutionary, but certainly a great evolution towards simple conference calls.

And now, it’s time for Warner Bros to join Joost

Two new and big partners for the P2P TV client that is struggling to meet the demand.

Google patented an ad platform for office phones

Everything with a screen display is good for Adsense.

French Yellow Pages starts click-to-call service

Some innovations from the former public utility service.

Gaim forced to become Pidgin

A new name for the popular open source instant messenger.

More realistic avatars for the European virtual world SMeet

See yourself as a good looking person.

Yahoo! IM, now a web application

No more software installation to worry about.

Your ear, a better microphone at noisy places

Spare some saliva by those sci-fi earbuds.

Get 8Hands to handle your social flow

Multi-protocolish, multi-social networkish, but...

Public domain sounds for podcasters and ringtone lovers

Don't loose your last buck on a ringtone.

Habbo Hotel’s creator to launch an international social network

Launching date: this summer.

A concept Google Phone that looks like the iPhone

Designers start raving about the future cellphone from Google.

No VoIP for the Nokia N95, say Orange and Vodafone

Unfair competition claims VoIP start-ups.

Mobigator routes Skype calls to cell phone

A box to forward all your calls to your handheld.

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