Zimbra doing the ‘IMail’ matchup

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Integrating IM functionalities is the trend for email applications. The trend is fueled by a very good reason, the lack innovative development in email readers for quite a long time, and if nothing is done, they would soon belong to the past, overwhelmed by instant messengers. Zimbra, an open source Ajax-powered messaging suite, knows it and by next year, is going to provide an IMail (IM+email).

Zimbra users would be able to chat members directly through their email reader. How their IM client is compatible with others is still unclear, but we guess it should at least talk to the most popular ones, and to Jabber-based clients. The company claims to reach 4.5 million users worldwide, mostly come from its partner ISPs.

It is still small compared to GMail user base, which did it first, or Yahoo! user base, which will provide one by early 2007. But it’s definitively the trend and we’re still waiting for Windows Live to go IMail.

Nov 16, 2006 | By Nuno

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