Yodio: Make audio slides on the go

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Assuming several chapters make a book, several voicemails make a podcast show — and even more, if voicemails can be illustrated with photos. This is what Yodio, based in Seattle, intends to do with its auto-publishing platform for mobile podcasters.

Here’s how it works: Users take a picture with their cellphone, dial the Yodio’s toll-free number and record a message. The system then syncs the voicemail with the picture, before storing both on users’ private space. The great feature here is that podcast trails can be created so that members will share a longer story instead of a collection of separate audio clips.

Social sharing is the obvious community leverage of such a platform. But Yodio has also prepared a tool to allow ‘premium’ members to charge the access to their pictures or audiocasts. To us, this means cellphone users will have an enticing proposition to become citizen reporters, or more trendy, paparazzi.

Feb 3, 2007 | By Nuno

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