A new Yahoo! Messenger optimized for Windows Vista

Image for the article A new Yahoo! Messenger optimized for Windows Vista

Yahoo today ported its instant messenger to Windows Vista. The launch just follows the Google Talk new release supporting the operating system. But unlikely to Google, Yahoo took the occasion to roll out a new version of the software, not just a new coat of paint.

This new version shows more string attached to other Y! services. Besides the IM and VoIP functions, for instance, it includes Flickr support (letting users drag and drop their favorite pictures and share them within the chat window) and features a Y! owned Fantasy Football extension. Or because the messaging client is ported to Vista, Y! also offers a widget to enable Windows users to check the online presence of their pals.

Personally, we liked the design, slick and well integrated into the operating system (check the video preview, pictured here), although to test its features, we’d have to until January 30 to eventually grab a Windows Vista pack. Currently the OS is only available for business users.

Jan 8, 2007 | By Nuno

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