WiFi handsets, premature phones

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On the evolution scale, WiFi phones rock. And our regular readers know this is a huge trend. But on the consumer user experience scale, WiFi phones are still in their infancy, recalls the NY Times.

Those handsets have an Achilles’ heel. In calling mode, their battery cannot rival cellphones batteries. Although he said quality of battery are improving rapidly, when a user turn on the Wi-Fi “it does bring the battery life down,” said Mike Hendrick, director of product development for T-Mobile. T-Mobile rolled out a WiFi/GSM service called T-Mobile@Home last month.

The quality of WiFi signals is the other weak point. It shouldn’t occur when users are making WiFi phone calls through their domestic WiFi router. But well, the idea of WiFi phones is that users could do it through open hotspots in airports, public places or even in someone’s neighborhood.

This should give some good reasons for consumers to not buy a WiFi handset for XMas. But as always with technology, it’s just a matter of time. On more time, a study posted by ZDNet Research insists on the rise of residential VoIP. The worldwide growth should be about 57% from now to 2010. From $4 billion in 2005, revenues from VoIP equipment should top $12 billion at the end of the decade.

Nov 27, 2006 | By Nuno

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