Vonage won’t make it, analysts said

Vonage doesn’t convince investors and analysts — at all. Vonage’s strategies don’t fit in the economical climate, the NY Times reports today. Analysts aren’t convinced on:

  1. Vonage capacities to resist to lower-cost competitors assault. Example? SunRocket, that grabbed $33 million in private financing and got investors attention.

  2. Vonage betting on innovation. Innovation could be considered as the Vonage reaction. The V-Phone, an USB key that allows members to make cheap phone calls on every computer and presented in June, would fail to expand to the Vonage’s user base and its revenues.

As a forecast, industry analyst Albert Lin gives a coup de grace:

Vonage needed about five million customers to become profitable. But before that happens, Lin said, a bigger company will probably come along and pluck up Vonage for its customer base.
“They’re an acquisition candidate well before they’re likely to become a stand-alone profitable company,” he said.

Sep 4, 2006 | By Nuno

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