Vonage close to a Verizon patent alternative

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Problem solved with Verizon, Jeffrey Citron said during Vonage’s quarterly earnings report unveiled yesterday. The CEO told that the company is close to coming up with a technical fix that could solve its patent infringement problems.

Citron said the new technology, which will provide a work-around to the first two patents that describe how IP addresses are mapped to telephone numbers, can be installed through software downloads. So the fix would not cost much for Vonage.

Will it be enough to cheer Wall Street analysts up? In the first quarter, the company signed up 166,000 new subscribers. During the same quarter a year ago, it signed up 328,000 new subscribers. Its churn rate rose to 2.4% compared with 2.3 per cent for the previous quarter. Nevertheless, Vonage share price are up since then.

May 11, 2007 | By Nuno

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