No VoIP for the Nokia N95, say Orange and Vodafone

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Both Orange and Vodafone have decided to disable the VoIP option on the latest Nokia N95 camera phone. Orange has motivated its decision by telling it needs more time to test the device in depth, that it was “a handset-specific issue” (which shouldn’t affect the previous Nokia model, the E60) and that next models will come VoIP-enabled. But it’s not fair says VoIP start-up.

The move is an attempt by mobile operators to stop open competition for mobile internet services and to lock customers into their services, affirmed James Tagg, CEO of Truphone, which grabbed $24.5 million of venture capitals in January 2007 (a record in the field). He has published a protest video on YouTube and recommends users to buy the N95 unlocked despite the unreasonable price of the handheld.

Less virulent, rival mobile operators like O2 and T-Mobile haven’t disable the option, and say disabling such an option brings nothing more than bad user experience. But there might be some restrictions too. The T-Mobile was caught restricting VoIP bandwidth over 3G services some times ago while T-Mobile CEO claims that mobile VoIP technologies aren’t mature enough to be considered as an alternative way to make phone calls.

Apr 23, 2007 | By Nuno

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