Verizon will launch its mobile television service on March 1?

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Verizon Wireless is on the verge of launching its mobile television service, hints RCR magazine by checking the coverage maps on the carrier’s web site. The maps indicates that mobile TV would be available only in “select markets” and starts on March 1.

Further details are pretty rare. “The maps do not currently show coverage in major markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego or Las Vegas,” it notes.

The carrier also announced last month that it would offer shows from CBS, Comedy Central, Fox, MTV, NBC News, NBC Entertainment and Nickelodeon. But so far, no pricing has been unveiled by Verizon. Cingular also announced a video service coming quite soon this year. It will provide video conference among cellphone users.

Update — PaidContent’s Staci Kramer reports Verizon doesn’t consider the (effective) quiet launch as the real start. “When I later called Verizon on that misdirection, I was told the company didn’t consider this to be an actual launch.” But Verizon customers could already register to the service, charged $15 a month.

Feb 28, 2007 | By Nuno

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