The Venice Project is a branch version of Firefox, says its project leader

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What Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis are the best for doesn’t lie in the Kazaa and Skype ventures, nor in the Venice Project, their TV peer-to-peer software current in close beta. They are the best to leverage the social network power. Instead of spending time and millions to market the Skype VoIP client, the company rely on blogs and word-of-mouth. And for the Venice Project (TVP), they bank on the Mozilla community of developers to enhance the software in functionalities while keeping the core system untouched.

“Running on top of these core technologies is a highly modified version of Mozilla browser, which makes it easy for the company to port its client to any operating system – Mac, Linux or even mobile operating systems”, explained GigaOM. “The user interface is built using Adobe’s SVG technology. In other words, it’s a Web-enabled hybrid application, much like the brilliant Songbird meta-music client. […] By embracing the off-the-shelf technologies, [Fredrik de Wahl, TVP project leader] says, “it buys the company time to market.”

Of course, one of the immediate scenario would be to develop a cross-browser TVP plugin for Firefox. With Mozilla-related browsers controlling over 11% of the overall web browser market (according to OneStat), it shouldn’t be take long to spread this new application. But we bet Firefox will mature rapidly into a full collaboration platform, with VoIP calling and video conferencing.

Jan 12, 2007 | By Nuno

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  • Adobe’s SVG technology

    to avoid misunderstanding: Adobe was one of the main parties in SVG’s development, but SVG is an open standard used by many more parties as you can see on

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