Two Linux phones debut

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Two open source phones are debuting. The Motofone, built by Motorola, will soon be available in India, and by year’s end, in the US. New interface, even thinner than the Rokr, and powered by an open source operating system developed in collaboration with the Eclipse Foundation.

The other phone is the Greenphone, made by Trolltech, which soon be offering the open source operating system and applications to handset manufacturers and developers. As Motorola, Trolltech is banking on lower cost cellphones to gain market shares, especially in South-East Asia, the upcoming hot zone.

And it would be interesting to see if this approach would foster cellphone sales. Currently, about 2.5 billion cellphones are in use in the planet. Two and a half billion, and in some countries, like Singapore, Bahrain or Luxembourg, people commonly use two phones. One of the current trend to keep selling phones is to provide better design, and/or shaped to some niche markets.

Nov 29, 2006 | By Nuno

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