VoIP startup Truphone nabbed $24 million venture capitals

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Asides the turmoil at the CES in Las Vegas, Truphone quietly grabbed (just) $24.5 million, making the mobile VoIP startup the European biggest sensation in series A venture funding. The round was led by Wellington Partners, with Independent News & Media and Burda Digital Ventures among others.

For the record, Truphone enables handsets to make long distance call from a WiFi hotspot while cutting out the usual and rather expensive roaming charges. Its business plan is the same as Skype’s, that is phone calls to destinations outside the relevant free bundle are charged.

But as said the company, “Truphone’s approach is quite different: our objective is to be almost invisible in everyday use. You just use your phone as normal, using all the same menus and contacts book as always. It’s just that your calls are (often dramatically) cheaper a lot of the time when you are in reach of a Wi-Fi access point. You only have one phone number and one address book to worry about, and what is more your address book will synchronise with Outlook and others. Incoming calls or text messages will try you on the cellular network (normally for no extra charge) if you are not online by Wi-Fi.”

A VoIP calling client has to be installed on cellphones, which right now include only the Nokia E-Series models. But hopefully, the just unveiled Nokia N800 Internet Tablet already supports it.

Jan 9, 2007 | By Nuno

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  • #0 ellie drey:
  • How does Truphone expect to almost be invisible in everyday use when quality of sound is noticeably different than traditional analog phone quality .
    Just a thought.
    Ellie Drey

  • #1 Tim Donnelly Smith:
  • Ellie: it isn’t. You are more than welcome to call me on my Truphone number – 07624 000275 – to prove this. In my experience, Truphone’s voice quality has been better than an otherwise identical GSM call.

  • #2 Anton:
  • Truphone isn’t just released on Nokia E-Series handsets!

    I have installed Truphone on my N80ie and it works really well, and voice clarity couldn’t be clearer.

    I also can’t get any signal with my normal network provider at my house so Truphone steps upto the plate rather well!

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