With international communications, comes the multi-lingual translator: Transclick

Image for the article With international communications, comes the multi-lingual translator: Transclick

Maybe sooner than expected, Transclick may become the ideal companion for ‘world citizens‘, those who email, IM, text message or call without borders. The company is growing in a more and more demanded area, instant or sub-instant translation, so far known by Internet users under some names like BabelFish and Google Translation.

Transclick is business client oriented. And for them, CEO Robert Levin described to Read/Write Web that Transclick technologies could do automatic text translation English-to/from-16 languages with more accuracy than BabelFish. Hopefully.

But what is interesting is to see Transclick modules bundling the most popular instant messengers currently available. Yahoo enterprise IM and Google Talk, but also Skype, with “6,000 downloads from the Skype Extras Gallery and they’re in the process of certifying their application to place it on the Skype toolbar.” Betting on IM is smart. In March, Skype claimed to have 30% of its 120+ million user base relying on the VoIP IM client for business activities.

As IM business is blossoming, we expect Transclick to become a lot more ‘mainstream’. But for speech-to-speech, the next very expected move, users still need to wait. Transclick technologies aren’t maturing before the end of the decade.

Note: For those who want to try Transclick for Skype, the plugin is here.

Oct 26, 2006 | By Nuno

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