The future of Jajah is inside your computer

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Over time, Jajah hopes to see its Internet phone-calling technology being embedded into microprocessors. In fact, over time, Jajah hopes to become the VoIP spirit bundling each central processor unit (CPU). And it could be real, Intel lead the third investment round of the Euro-American start-up, which closed at $20 million.

A marketing arrangement with the chipmaker is also part of the agreement, says Jajah’s PR, which allows the VoIP company to open the door of the great technical knowledge of Intel and access to Intel’s broad range of patents from their patent portfolio. Namely Intel’s patent (No. 7120140) for the softphone that covers the interaction between digital phones and computers — and lets a telephone service be downloaded onto PCs as software.

There also is another evolution scenario for Jajah, the scenario in which the VoIP service goes beyond the desktop computer and pervades mobile phones. It has started with the LG Prada phone and the Apple iPhone. But Intel’s ambitions in this field, unsuccessful so far, might give an extra boost to Jajah.

May 10, 2007 | By Nuno

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