TalkShoe: Turn your conference calls into podcast, and earn money

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(via MoMB) TalkShoe self-described as “a new way to talk with interesting people with similar interests around the world.” Said differently, no more dead desert chat room, nor voice conference calls, but pure active people willing to participate in a collective talk-show.

The service is on the wake of Skypecast and Radio Handi, but sure lacks a lot of consistency to take on both of them. It doesn’t allow up to a hundred participants on conference calls (up to 25 talkers), supports nothing but Skype and Vonage third-parties, and at this time doesn’t provide any API nor compatibility with other SIP voice client.

Nevertheless, some functionalities are great. Timeline chat, chat threads for instance while “mess-free” request-to-talk and moderation are permitted.

But the real power of TalkShoe remains its tools to make the service go viral. Viral means here podcasts. Public Talkcasts are automatically recorded as soon as the conference starts, stored in the TalkShoe database and listed on the directory. Listeners can then rate the content, grab them or refer the Talkcast as YouTube or Veoh does.

Add to this, the TalkShoe Bucks program, which will start when the website goes out its beta state, users could find a financial reason to try the service. Basically, there are three ways: 1) Hosts earn money for every talker and listener on their Talkcasts; 2) Users can earn points for referring a Host; 3) Users can earn points for referring a talker or listener. Basically, those enticement would unleash a scent of community, but I guess people would prefer the smell of money.

UPDATE: Dave Nelsen, TalkShoe CEO, dropped us an email with some useful complements of information. As he took time to write the email, we copy pasted it here. Only the last paragraph, which contains his phone number, was rip off to prevent spam and so. If you do want to contact him, just let us know.

“I’m the founder of TalkShoe. You’ve done a great job of describing the service but I’d like to respond to two points:

Regarding the limit of 25 talkers, we had originally planned to implement this for human factors reasons. Recently, we decided not to impose the limit and will correct our FAQ. TalkShoe currently supports 300 talkers per talkcast and soon will allow an unlimited number of people to listen live by streaming to their PCs. Of course, we already support an unlimited number of folks listening to recorded Talkcasts.

Regarding Voice over IP (VoIP) calling, let me first remind folks that unlike Skype, TalkShoe works with every landline and mobile phone. It also works with Vonage and Skype (among others) and very shortly will work with a wide variety of VoIP (SIP) clients such as SJPhone, X-Lite and many others. The VoIP feature is already built and we will add it to the beta once we’re satisfied with our own internal testing.”

Jun 15, 2006 | By Nuno

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  • #0 Richard Garcia:
  • I am a recent subscriber to TalkShoe and I just complete my second podcast. Without equivocation I can say that I am very pleased. It is a new experience both as a host presenter and as some one unfamiliar with this new exciting marketing technology.

    I also must mention that the staff, in particular Mark Nelson, are very responsive to customer service issues. The few times that I called with a concern, Mark returned a call to me with in minutes and never longer then 24 hours. This attention to a host who are running a business is priceless.
    Thank you for this opportunity to tell you about my experience with TalkShoe.
    Richard Garcia

  • #1 Nuno:
  • You’re welcome, Richard. Were you seeking an easy-to-use and to-set tool for podcasting? How did you find the sound quality?

  • #2 Jared.tech2speech:
  • I would also like to point out that the Customer Support for TalkShoe is blazingly fast! I emailed the support team and within 10 minutes they replied with a solution that worked! Hats off to a wonderful recognition to their customers. I was very pleased! I’d invite everyone to try out TalkShoe, if not to make your own Netcast, but to listen in on some well established ones. Cheers!

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