Text-to-speech service Talkr is up for sale

Image for the article Text-to-speech service Talkr is up for sale

Talkr is another start-up to put itself up for sale, reports ReadWriteWeb. Since 2005, the service has been providing a nice text-to-speech way to turn text-only blog into podcasts. And now, it’s sold on eBay, where the reserve is $10,000.

Talkr’s founder Chris Brooks, describing the company as boot-strapped, said on his blog: “However, the companies that monetize podcasts effectively today have full-time ad sales forces. And, although I have immense respect for the people that spend hour after hour on the phone selling ads, it isn’t a skill that matches my skillset.” Too bad such a service disappears, we hope it will find a buyer.

Jan 16, 2007 | By Nuno

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