Sex sells — and VoIP start-ups know it

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Sex sells — and VoIP start-ups know it.

After the partnership contracted between giant dating web site and Jangl, an anonymous phone number, it’s the turn of VoIP provider TalkPlus to play dates, GigaOM found out.

“While the company made a couple of announcements at CES, there was no mention of Shadow Number. […] “Shadow number is our brand for the alternative market,’ Black [TalkPlus CEO, pictured] explained it to us. “We are uncomfortable with putting our TalkPlus name, and are using the Shadow Number.” Black describes the “alternative market” as the adult market and that is on the fringe of that adult market.”

TalkPlus, based in Canada, has already built up some buzz around its mobile client and its ability to make free SkypeIn phone calls. Although it’s quite rare right now, such a behavior would become a lot more popular with the rise of the social adult web. Right now, there are or, just like a year ago, there were YouTube and Google Videos. As they expand their activities, plenty of widgets (for video, audio podcasts and VoIP clients) would be available to bloggers of the “shadow side”.

Jan 15, 2007 | By Nuno

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