VoIP doesn’t mix with 3G, at least for T-Mobile

Super fast, super new, super size, but the bandwidth is too small, dudes. Whether it’s IP telephony or it’s 3G. Both cannot coexist. And in the UK, T-Mobile sentence VoIP to death. Only 3G.

Here’s the paradox: T-Mobile UK is launching a great service called Web’n’Walk Pro in the UK. ZDNet UK considered it as the first major player to roll out such a service. A card enables the service on mobile phones. The card relies both on HSDPA, aka the 3G booster, the silver bullet for fast mobile phone transfer rate, and on WiFi.

T-Mobile is currently offering the card with a voucher that allows free use of its WiFi hotspots for 12 months. The expected bandwidth is about 1 Mo, enough to call via the Internet and/or instant messaging your contacts.

Now, the fine print for Web’n’Walk Pro reveals that these are explicitly banned by T-Mobile, and the first to be caught running these applications risks expulsion from the network.

Why? Explained by Rob Langton, T-Mobile UK’s data marketing manager, to: “We charge two and a half times less than our competition. We’re aiming at the business network. We spoke to our customers and it’s not key to them.”

… He cannot be serious. If it’s not key to customers, why rolling out such a card? Can’t they stick with a simple, less expensive 3G card? And even if the Web’n’Walk Pro targets ‘pro’ users, they still want media convergence and low-cost phone calls. Seriously, if there are some T-Mobile British users, tell us if you’d like to call for free over the Internet.

Hopefully, Tony Lock, chief analyst at Bloor Research, believes that the launch of a T-Mobile VoIP client is a possibility. Hopefully, that makes more sense.

May 11, 2006 | By Nuno

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