Stoke funded, more mobile/WiFi convergence to come

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Stoke has raised $20 million to expand further. What can we expect? More converged telecommunications. The California start-up develops a product called the Stoke Session Exchange (SSX) that makes your cellphone become a money saver. When you reach your home, it flips to your domestic WiFi network and turns to be a VoIP phone. And it flips back to a cellular network when you go trekking for example.

“It doesn’t do that merely for mobile phones, but for any device — as long as your carrier incorporates Stoke’s technology. The Mountain View company essentially makes fixed line, wireless, DSL and cable networks all one big network,” reports VentureBeat. The infrastructure requires carriers to upgrade their system, which isn’t easy to do.

Jan 23, 2007 | By Nuno

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