Soon, more Skype to come

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“Soon” is the only timeline Niklas Zennstrom puts on future Skype’s plans. Soon, there will be a version 3 of the VoIP calling software. Soon, Skypecast, those 100 max conference calls made available with the version 2.5, will be available as a blog widget. Soon, he also said for Skype on Symbian some weeks ago, but it’s still unavailable at the moment. Anyway, this kind of talks nourishes the Skype buzz which is growing up and fast (in picture). And obviously, we can use the ‘soon’ word to predict that ‘soon‘, the Venice Project will take over the Skype buzz (it’s expected to debut on November), ‘soon‘, Skype would bundle the Fonera, the WiFi router provided by Fon, in which Skype has invested. And more focused on the SkypeOut program in the UK, ‘soon‘ Skype will offer money compensation to angry customers who cannot receive SkypeIn calls.

Nov 8, 2006 | By Nuno

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