Skype, Yahoo IM security at risk

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Both Skype and Yahoo security teams are on alert these days, as the two voice instant messengers are at risk. For Skype, it’s a ‘worm’ issue. Security company Websense has discovered a malicious piece of code that can use the VoIP client as a propagation vessel. The worm is said to send messages via Skype chat, and asks to download and run a file called sp.exe.

For Yahoo IM, it’s a Trojan horse virus that could take advantage of a security flaw, that comes with the latest update. The company has stopped prompting customers to update the software until it can sufficiently test that the fix works, reports CNet.

Either way, security consultancies forecast that it would just get worse and worse in 2007. IM and VoIP applications will increase in popularity, attracting more hackers’ and spammers’ attention and interests.

Dec 19, 2006 | By Nuno

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