Skype Pro launched: Free calls but watch out the conditions

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Skype featured the SkypePro service a month ago — but launched it just today.

Skype Pro is the new Internet communications package from the peer-to-peer VoIP software company, modeled after the new Skype offering in North America. Users can call for free to any landline phone (there’s still 0.039 cents for each call), get a free Skype voicemail, a discount for a SkypeIn number and some additional promotions for Skype-compatible wireless phones.

The service will initially be available across Europe. Asia-Pacific countries will get the same service later this year. For now, users living in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Spain and the UK could subscribe.

Three bloggers’ reactions:

“Skype reserves the right to impose fair usage limits on the maximum number of minutes provided free of charge per user per month (for example 3,000 minutes per month). Once these limits are exceeded the account may be terminated and we may implement normal SkypeOut charges for any additional minutes used.” — Pat Phellan’s Roam4free

“Even if Skype guys have specified it only at the bottom of the page, you have to pay a connection fee, not so expensive, but you have to pay it. It’s about 3,9 eurocents, VAT excluded. So, if we think of the previous rate, about 1,7 eurocents per minute, VAT excluded, we can see that if you usually make many short calls (less than 2,5 minutes), this offering is not for you.” — Luca Filigheddu’s blog.

“Now that skype pro has launched, it still isn’t clear how they are charging. Can you only call within a country and pay the connection fee and no per minute charge or can you call from any country in that list to any other country in the list and only pay the connection fee? On the skype pro screen it says calls to UK landlines 0 cents per minute, so is it that for skype pro you can call free within your own country for free and also call to UK for free from anywhere?” — David Jenkins (Skype forums)

Feb 21, 2007 | By Nuno

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