Skype enables users to charge each other

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Up to now, you pay Skype to call landline and mobile phones. Skype is now doing the reverse process, beta-launched the Skype Prime which enables paid Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls. Users can charge others to call them either a one-off fee or by the minute.

How’s it proceeds: All calls start as free, then call receivers can switch to the paid calling — a good way for consultants to first tease their future clients before charging them, and a good way for clients to check the value of their callers.

For the cash, Skype Credit is deducted by the appropriate amount and transfered to the receiver’s special account. Skype Prime provider can get their revenue through PayPal, with Skype keeping 30% of the transaction. Video conferences are also possible. So far, Skype Prime is available on Windows platform only.

Bloggers’ reactions:

“I believe that the “non-business chat” that accompanies any consulting call is critical to the success of the coaching, because it establishes trust and creates a human connection, a bond, between the client and consultant. If the meter’s ticking, however, then you’ll skip all of that to ensure that every minute counts! This is, at least in my opinion, a high price to pay for what is at best a quasi-efficient call system.” — Dave Taylor.

“Interesting to note that if you are an EU resident, you’ll also be charged a 15% VAT tax.” — Disruptive Telephony

“My initial feeling is that 30% is reasonably high considering if you have any clues you could simply plan a call after someone’s put money in your PayPal account anyway – however I’m sure they’ll continue to add features to this service and for ease of use many will pay the premium.” — Darren Rowse

Mar 8, 2007 | By Nuno

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