Mobigator routes Skype calls to cell phone

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Unless you beef your SkypeOut account up with massive minute credit, you wish there could be a way to forward Skype calls to your cellphone without having to pay for it. Well, technically, the MobiGator box might be your answer.

MobiGater is a device which transfers your Skype calls to your mobile phone without the use of SkypeOut credits. The €270 ($370) box works like any other plug-and-play USB device. Once connected to your desktop computer, all your Skype calls will be redirected to your handheld as if someone was calling from another regular phone.

Although MobiGater helps you have a central hub at home, it doesn’t make your world more perfect. Answering a call will eat some minute credits. And calling people still use your SkypeOut credits. (via wired)

Apr 23, 2007 | By Nuno

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