Skype blocked, but to protect local economy

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Skype is again blocked. By Jordan this time again. The first time the Jordan Telecommunications Regulatory Committee said it was for security reasons. This time, the reason is economical: Skype penetration means the national Jordan Telecoms profit will be slashed.

But one reason, we doubt that. Said The Jordan’s daily The Star (via techdir): “It is surprising that the Telecommunications Regulatory Committee (TRC) did not make an official statement in this regard, explaining this action to the public and, possibly, trying to argue its case of how it’s in the best interest of the national economy to protect local telecom investors; or whatever other reasons the TRC can reveal.”

“Consumers in Jordan nowadays are sophisticated and knowledgeable”, concludes the daily. So we guess they’ll easily find alternatives to Skype — if they read us, here are ten good candidates.

For the record, Skype is also blocked the neighbor country, the United Arab Emirates, and most probably by Iran, which is banning fast Internet.

Oct 20, 2006 | By Nuno

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  • #0 Zack:
  • I\’m not sure, but I think the article in The Star may have been written before the ban on Skype was lifted on Oct. 12. The publication date was Oct. 11-18, so they probably printed an older submission. Anyway, here\’smy take on the ban/unban in Jordan last week.

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