The next time, speak sign language via your cellphone

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It’s not that hard to talk with sign language, say some experienced people. It’s not that hard but when we bump into someone who speaks sign languages (not that frequent but sometimes), we just wave hands in the air without any sense. But it wouldn’t be that hard — anymore — because there’s a cool dictionary of sign language (for Britons) that includes up to 5,000 words and that people can access directly from their cellphone. works pretty much like any other databases. You enter your desired word, then you download the compact video for your phone. The Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS) of the University of Bristol has released this free tool for everyone who works with deaf people, has deaf customers or just want to learn the BSL signs. “Their next step will be to provide users with a phrasebook,” says Roland Piquepaille from Emerging Technology Trends.

Mar 16, 2007 | By Nuno

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