SightSpeed starts its social network

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And here’s another video social network. Vlip is its name and was developed by SightSpeed, the video calling client. Roughly said, Vlip is like SightSpeed, with extra social features. SightSpeed has been providing a storage place for registered members to share their videomails; with Vlip, everyone is invited to to record and share videos taken from his webcam (and thus see videos with an average quality). Video commenting is also possible.

Up to now, although SightSpeed is an efficient video calling client — relying on a proprietary peer-to-peer technology that only transmits moving pixels, and thus providing a smooth video quality –, Vlip isn’t ready for a public use, even at a beta stage. The network quite slow and buggy. The playback function doesn’t work for us for example. And to record a video, well, the page could be loaded.

Mar 19, 2007 | By Nuno

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