SGoope, watch ads and call for free

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Watching commercials to call for free. The technique is almost born with the commercial Internet, but still ranks high in the available marketing toolkit to provide a free service. And lately, Virgin Mobiles refreshed it by launching its SugarMama program in the US.

SGoope, a Danish telephone company, applies it for VoIP calls. Here’s how the service works: If you call a landline/cell phone, “you will be exposed to ads. Because we make money on these ads, we can give you free talk time on every call.”

“When we don’t have any call costs you will earn talk time during your call… Earned talk time, can be used to finance calls to traditional landline and mobile phones locally and internationally.”

If you want to make free calls, go for it. But try it carefully.

(via the red ferret)

Jun 16, 2006 | By Nuno

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  • #0 Luca:
  • Abbeynet did it in 2000 with Chocophone, the first FREE VoIP services in Italy. It still works, even if it needs an update.

  • #1 Nuno:
  • Luca, here’s a question: Do you think this kind of business model could still find its place when phone calls rates are dropping so fast?

  • #2 sean:
  • Anyway, free call is not a bad thing

  • #3 Nuno:
  • Sean, amen :)

  • #4 sean:
  • In fact, tom-skype in China is also doing almost the same service, interesting!

  • #5 Nuno:
  • Sean, I know you could speak Chinese. And sorry to bother with this, but could you point to the service?

  • #6 sean:
  • Of course I’m Chinese.
    You know, the skype out is blocked in China, so Tom-skype find ways to provide credit for calling out.
    It’s a bit like what sgoope does, you listen to a program for 10 minutes, then you get 10 minutes for calling.
    However, you have to pay for listening. Smart, this is an indirect way to buy credit.

  • #7 larsjordan:
  • Well. The key for SGOOPE is that you actually earn talk time dialing Skype users. So all Skype users in the world should initiate skype calls from SGOOPE to earn talk time. Then, whenever you need to dial normal phones, you also do it from SGOOPE, because the free talk time+earned talk time, gives you virtually no cost on traditional calls.
    I also heard they (in a few months) will provide a true SIP ATA box, that gives users the option of using earned talk time from their existing home phones, with no monthly fee at all.
    This is actually the best commercial solution on how to earn money while giving users something for free.

  • #8 karingjo:
  • I have a question , how can I get free minutes in sgoope

  • #9 deep:
  • it is simply the best

  • #10 sam sussman:
  • Voice quality is terrific. Prices are rock bottom. Service is terrific and this company has a personal touch.
    I highly recommend them.

    Dr. Sam Sussman Canada

  • #11 Mili Sav:
  • Great service.
    any news about SIP box?
    How to find another sgoope users.
    The best so far.

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