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Another mash-up service knocks at Techcrunch’s doors. Byoms, as in build your own mobile search, offers people to create their search buddies.

There’s a demand for this. For instance, you might be struck by a search idea while chatting on your instant messenger; without prompting a web browser, you can launch a search in the favorite web sites. Mozilla Firefox has poured such a feature in its user interface for a long time, and everyone is using very frequently.

So far, the Wikipedia Byoms ranks among the most popular search buddies. And WebMD, Celebrity Gossip or IMdB buddies have showed up lately.

The search service has its drawbacks. Techcrunch points out some of them, for example you can’t keep your search clients private. Nor can you put phrases in quotes (to make string search), but you can use a minus sign to exclude terms.

But the biggest drawback is that currently, Byoms only works with AIM, which to us doesn’t seem to be the best choice. If Kozoru, the software company behind the service, wanted to reach the biggest audience quickly, they should hook up with Windows Live Messenger. That would provide another MSN Bots for Live Messenger users.

If you aren’t that addicted to AIM but do want to search via your instant messenger, you still can try SearchForVideo which pretty much does the same for videos and is compatible with Y! Messenger, Live Messenger and AIM. Nieuswskraker does it for news but is for Dutch speaking.

Jun 6, 2006 | By Nuno

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