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It could be filed under new journalism, or journalism at the podcasting era. Why? Because podcasts become more searchable.

The Pluggd podcast search is a good service that we reviewed earlier. Recently, it scanned the US President George W. Bush’s speech State of the Union and Virginia Democrat Senator James Webb’s answer. People could look for terms and phrases that match their keywords. A ‘heatmap’ indicates the term relevancy, with an accuracy that is quite good for a new technology. The comparison can really tell whom of them really focuses on specific topics as education or environmental issues — even before listening to their speeches.

Mojiti is a mashup) video website or a web application hybrid. Users take one of their favorite videos, play and annotate it with captions, subtitles or any other texts. With all those tags, searching through videos become a lot easier.

If you combine those two examples, you can pretty boost your productivity as a new media journalist, find multimedia clips of what you want, or painlessly review the interview you did a while ago.

Jan 25, 2007 | By Nuno

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