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Here’s another multi-protocol platform, 8hands. The software will supposedly access to the major social networks of the moment and aggregate videos, pictures, instant messages from your friends or people you tag. Plus, 8hands will ranks your friends according to the level of interaction they have with you.

The idea sounds cool if watching YouTube, reviewing Bebo profiles and updating your Twitter are three important tasks of your daily routine. Otherwise, it could be done just by launching a browser window and jumping on your personal home page at NetVibes or PageFlake. The real advantage here is the friend ranking algorithm. But, as reported Elsa Wenzel of Webware, “none of my contacts appeared in the Top 8 or Favorites panels, so I couldn’t figure out how to chat with them.” What a bug.

Apr 27, 2007 | By Nuno

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  • #0 Ofer Luft:
  • Nuno,
    Thanks for reviewing our product 8hands.
    I would like to respond to Elsa’s claim – Our algorithm scans the networks you select for events which occured during the last 3 months and shows the top 8 ppl you interacted with the most. Our algorithm currently works for MySpace, Flickr, and YouTube (MySpace users’ rate of interaction with you is much higher than the other two, of course, but Elsa does not use MySpace). If a person is also an 8hands user she is ranked higher as ALL her activities with you are summed up. You can also manually add friends to our “favorites” tab (as long as they are 8hands users of course). You can IM with any 8hands user, not only using text, but also instantly show them images from Flickr/MySpace and videos from YouTube/MySpace, so now “IM” becomes “Instant Media”, which we think is the next level of online social communication (imagine Tumblr, only live and done interactively). All this cannot be done on a web page (e.g. Net Vibes).
    We’ll be adding support for Bebo, Facebook, Friendster and Xanga really soon. We hope you will try 8hands and tell us what you think. Cool blog btw, I already added it to my 8hands so I can stay up-to-date :)

  • #1 Nuno:
  • Thanks for your comment, Ofer. It helps understand the service.

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