The OLPC might be sold in Western markets

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When asked about its main focus, the OLPC organization, the structure developing the “one laptop per child” XO laptop, asserts its sole focus is on providing a nifty educational tool to children of developing countries. But Michail Bletsas, the Chief Connectivity officer for OLPC, dished up an interesting selling strategy. That the XO colorful Linux-based laptop (in picture) might hit some Western markets for $100-150 by 2008.

The availability of the laptop would come with this clever catch: Customers will have to buy two laptops at once, the second going to the developing world.

But according to OLPC News quoting the BBC, Bletsas might have mis-spoken, or appraised a second-hand scenario. Nicholas Negroponte, the project leader, keeps affirming he doesn’t want any XO laptop sold in Western markets. Mainly because of the backlash of computer manufacturers like Dell, Apple and consorts.

But although the decision to not sell the XO laptop in countries of the G8, there would be a grey market, developed by emerging countries. Consumers might be very interest to grab the most affordable personal communicator, able to rival the recently unveiled Nokia 800 Internet Tablet for one fifth of its price. So the scenario makes a lot sense, even though there might be some price pressure on mobile computers to anticipate.

Jan 22, 2007 | By Nuno

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  • I cover this on a daily basis at:

    This will collapse the price of ALL computers. It will disrupt all IT companies and hurt some big names.

    Negroponte can’t stop an idea whose time has come. If he blocks the $100 computer, that’s his loss and it’s only temporary.

    Clayton Hallmark

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