At the TechFest, a glimpse in the future of audio tech

Image for the article At the TechFest, a glimpse in the future of audio tech

At the Microsoft’s TechFest 2007 forum, MS researchers show off their latest innovations in various tech domains. Of course, not all of them focus on audio stuff, but we found a couple that might give an idea of what Microsoft is preparing.

  • The Personal Audio Space, a semi-private system for real-time communication. Only the intended user can hear the system. It will rely on multiple speakers (pictured), and create a kind of sound bubble surrounding the user. To anyone outside of this personal audio space, the sound is inaudible. By focusing the sound, the sound level could be lowered and thus, requires less power than a conventional system.

  • Dynamic Noise Reduction. A simple and strong model to enhance quality of recorded speech and to remove non-speech sounds from a recording. People dictating an audio note in a bar or in a car could get their message more audible.

“Speech enhancement is especially important in applications such as preventing environmental noise from leaking into a conference call, creating a professional-sounding podcast, and polishing recordings taken under less-than-ideal conditions,” says the web presentation. A remark: It does sound like it is an innovation patented by Motorola.

Mar 7, 2007 | By Nuno

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