Joost: We have the license to invite

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Up to now, we distribute every single invitation for Joost that we got. We know many of you have asked to get one of those but couldn’t meet the demand while comments are still dropped with the same question.

It’s fine, because now, we can issue as many invitations as we want. So don’t hesitate, let us know if you need an invitation to the peer-to-peer TV client. There’s now no need to write a lengthly comment, just your email will be fine.

And if you wake up from your seasonal hibernation, here’s a little memory refresh about Joost. The software is the last Zennstrom’s and Friis’ venture. Joost combines some Mozilla tools and Skype/Kazaa core functions. It will soon hit its first milestone, with various TV programs from Viacom, Warner Music, Warner Bros., Endemol and more. We listed its specificities some times ago.

May 9, 2007 | By Nuno


  • #0 Reed:
  • Does anyone have a Joost invite that I can get?

  • #1 Mark:
  • Tell me more about Joost and how it works with P2P.

  • #2 Nuno:
  • Mark, just have to read to know more about Joost :) We covered it many times already, like in here: Joost in 15 points.

  • #3 Matt:
  • A Joost invite would be most welcome! – thanks

  • #4 JB:
  • I have a heard a lot about it. Could you send me an invite? Thanks

  • #5 nyr:
  • Could you send me an invite? My email is
    Thank you

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