The Venice Project is dead, meet Joost

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The Venice Project enters its childhood and lost its name. The peer-to-peer TV project set by Skype founders Zennstrom and Friis is now called Joost, and you can still sign in to get an invitation to the beta version.

Fredrik de Wahl, the project lead developer, had this clarification on the previous non-sense name. “Our ‘Venice’ was simply the name of the hotel conference room where we first decided to start this venture, the initial idea that is now Joost. At that point we really just needed a name.” To us, Joost isn’t clearer, but after all, does the Skype brand reflect its VoIP calling functionalities?

So what’s inside the Joost P2P TV client? Basically, a classic media player, where you can switch back and forth among channels with previews of the program currently played on. Some “social” features appears through widget on the screen panel (pictured). While you watch TV, you would be able to rate the broadcast, and chat to your friends or in connect to chatrooms. The initial toolbox should inflate as Joost runs on Mozilla core engine.

Joost also made a clarification about its bandwidth usage. “Full-screen video of any kind inevitably use a lot of bandwidth, and The Venice Project/Joost is no exception to this. The software downloads about 320MB per hour (as a maximum) and uploads up to 105 MB per hour.” But at least, the more TV screeners share the same program, the less bandwidth resources their TV viewer will required. Down to 220MB per hour. Would that be enough cool to make it a popular software?

Jan 16, 2007 | By Nuno

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