Jajah on the LG Prada phone

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Jajah will provide a version of its VoIP client for the upcoming LG Prada phone. The company already told about its intention to land on the Apple iPhone as soon as it would be available on the market.

In the same time, Jajah has a new CEO. In fact, it has found its first CEO, as co-founders Roman Scharf and Daniel Mattes shared that responsibility in the company’s first year. Trevor Healy will now take the position, after being the Vice-President at eBay-Paypal and Verizon.

Apr 3, 2007 | By Nuno

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  • Jajah misleads with news on iPhone, LG Prada & PSP…

    It seems they want to make a news of every device that can open mobile.jajah.com. They design no software for the iPhone, the LG Prada or the PSP and have no exclusive contracts to preinstall the Jajah client. I am already waiting for news like Jajah…..

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