Jajah is preparing its own cellphone

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Remember Jajah, the European VoIP start-up that popularizes the callback system for VoIP calls? It’s moving deeper into cellphones by enhancing Jajah Lite, their mobile client for Symbian-powered handsets.

Jajah hasn’t fixed a date for the announcement, it just tells the new version will add more features in the user’s contact book, like the one-click to call any phone number contained in it, or the ability to bookmark their favorite ones. It’ll also provide a little refreshed user interface (check the screenshots). We just regret the applet couldn’t make hotkeys to really speed up the top five calling numbers for example.

In the same time, just like Skype and other competitors, Jajah is shaping its strategy for the mobile market. According to European business magazine Brand Eins, the VoIP provider is currently negotiating with a consumer electronics manufacturer to create a JaJah enabled handset for users that don’t want to be tied to their PC to initiate calls. It previously announced an upcoming applet compatible with the Apple iPhone, but we guess that was just the beginning.

Jan 26, 2007 | By Nuno

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