It’s getting more and more easier to scan podcasts

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Voice recognition and semantics analysis are coming for the masses with Pluggd. The Seattle-based startup, presented at DemoFall 06, is rolling out an audio search. Users type their keyword requests, the podcast is analyzed, and matches are presented in a heat map covering the audio. With such a feature, ‘scanning’ podcasts becomes as easy as using Google search. And it’s not a surprise to see Pluggd funded by $1.65 million by Intel and other VCs.

Voice recognition are getting hotter these days. Besides Pluggd, there’s an even cooler service: Nexidia, from the eponymous company whose technology lets users speak their request, finds out podcasts and videocasts where the words were spoken and list the relevant files. WXIA-TV’s is already using it.

Dec 7, 2006 | By Nuno

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  • […] The Pluggd podcast search is a good service that we reviewed earlier. Recently, it scanned the US President George W. Bush’s speech State of the Union and Virginia Democrat Senator James Webb’s answer. People could look for terms and phrases that match their keywords. A ‘heatmap’ indicates the term relevancy, with an accuracy that is quite good for a new technology. The comparison can really tell whom of them really focuses on specific topics as education or environmental issues — even before listening to their speeches. […]

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