Jajah lining up for the iPhone

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The iPhone attracts all the attention. Not only Google services will bundle the handheld, but VoIP provider Jajah will support the new device as soon as it hits the market around June this year.

Porting the VoIP service shouldn’t be that hard, though. The iPhone runs on Mac OS X and Jajah has already a widget ready for this operating system. Anyhow, the Apple cellphone will be a VoIP WiFi phone too. As the iPhone would welcome some more competitive voice applications, we wonder if the Apple iChat, which is VoIP enable but cannot make phone calls to landlines or mobile phones, will remain a top-notch application.

Jan 11, 2007 | By Nuno

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  • #0 loopy:
  • This is the newest form of link love. Link your product service to the biggest news grabbing product announcement.

    I think ‘we’ will join in and state that we will launch our new mobile portable PBX communications facility exclusively on the iphone this year. All the Asterisk functionality is ready to port and will be available on your iphone.

    JahJah and any others making these crass statements linking themselves to the iphone announcement make themselves look very silly. Show me the API they have used to get this ready, show me the agreement that Apple has made with them to allow them to prepare this. This is just link love combined with vapourware.

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