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Yesterday was Santa Jobs’ day, with the shiny and hard-to-be-more-minimal iPhone (for which Apple would have to defend against Cisco’s lawyers.) But there was a Google part in the Apple plan.

“From Google, what we have on the phone is Google search built right into the browser, and Google Maps. We’ve been working closely with them… it’s my pleasure now to introduce Dr. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO,” said Steve Jobs (via Google Blogoscoped).

For his part, Google CEO Eric Schmidt comment: “I’ve had the privilege of joining the board and there’s a lot of relationships… if we merge the companies we can call it Applegoo – but I’m not a marketing guy. You can actually merge without merging. Each company should do the absolutely best thing they can do every time, and he’s shown it today.”

“We can take the enormous brain trust of the Apple team and the open protocols of companies like Google, and put them in an environment for end users. From a Google perspective we’ve pushed very hard to partner with Apple and working with many, many different data services (…) It comes together seamlessly. This is the first of a whole new generation… Steve, my congratulations to you, this product is going to be hot.”

The last sentence sounds like a benediction from Google. But, with its collaboration with Orange for a Samsung cellphone, Google is the big winner. Again.

Jan 10, 2007 | By Nuno

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